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July 10, 2010 / Magic Mama

Pins and Needles

We start my IVF injections one week from today. I’m excited–that it makes the whole process finally seem real–not necessarily for the injections. I’ve always really hated needles. I’m guessing (hoping) I’ll get over that pretty quickly.

We had a shot teaching class a couple weeks ago. The nurse showed us an instructional video and then tried to go through everything step-by-step. I guess the process isn’t so complicated. It’s more the fact that there are five different injectables that makes it seem a bit overwhelming: Lupron, Follistim, Menopur, Novarel and Progesterone in Sesame Oil.

I start the Lupron (each morning) on July 17, as I mentioned. And it continues through early August. According to my babymaker handbook, “Lupron is used to suppress your ovaries and prevent untimely ovulation.” Then on July 27 we start to add Menopur and Follistim in the evenings, which will “initiate ovarian stimulation.” All of these injections are subcutaneous, meaning they are “injected just under your skin in your lower abdomen or midthigh.”

Then when the timing is right, we will start the Novarel, which “causes the final maturation of the eggs and initiates the ovulation process.” And the Progesterone, which “is the primary hormone of pregnancy and helps your body prepare.” These are both intramuscular (i.e. in the butt–like this little diagram–isn’t my butt cute?).

So there’s your Injections 101. And now you know about as much as I do. I think I have a grip on exactly how the PGD portion of all of this works (which is pretty crazy-cool), but I’m still trying to keep all the IVF stuff straight.



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  1. Nikki / Jul 11 2010 12:28 am

    You know you have a nurse who LOVES to give shots right down the road. Any problems/troubleshooting or if you just want to vent give me a call. I give myself a shot every night during pregnancy, different reason, but a shot none the less. I’m ALWAYS a phone call away!

    • Magic Mama / Jul 12 2010 2:27 am

      Thanks Nik! I will keep you, your nursing abilities, and your motherly experience in mind. Nice to know you are there. xoxo


  1. Abracadabra Baby

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