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July 12, 2010 / Magic Mama


I won’t get into it because it’s not that interesting, but basically setting up the prescriptions was kind of a pain. Lots of me “running” back and forth between my doctor’s office, the pharmacy and my insurance–talking to people who act like I should know what I’m doing, but I really don’t. I’ve never ordered IVF prescriptions before.

A couple weeks ago I confirmed the delivery of all the prescriptions for this Tuesday (tomorrow). Received a call from the specialty pharmacy this afternoon. Here’s a paraphrased recap:
Specialty Pharmacy: Lupron is on backorder. (My heart skips a little beat)
Me: Okayyy. What does that mean?
SP: Well, when do you need it?
Me: This Saturday.
SP: We might not have it by then. You should contact a local pharmacy and see if they have it. If they do, you should get it from them and we’ll try to override it so insurance will still pay for it. (If they have it? What if they don’t?)

So, I call a local pharmacy.
Me: Do you have Lupron?
Local Pharmacy: What kind?
Me: What does that mean? What different kinds are there?
LP: Well, what dosage?
Me: Ummm… what dosages do you have? Maybe I’ll recognize one.
LP: 2.5, 75, 300, blah, blah, blah.
M: Yeah, I don’t know. I have that info at home. I’ll have to call my doctor.

So, I call my nurse at the IVF clinic.
Me: The Lupron is on backorder.
Nurse: Uh-oh.
Me: Yeah, they said I should call a local pharmacy, do you know where I should start?
N: [This place] should have it. Do you need me to call it in?
Me: Thank you! No, they said they will transfer it because then maybe the insurance will still pay for it.

So, I call the specialty pharmacy back.
Me: Here’s the phone number for the place.
SP: Okay, we’ll transfer it over there.

I hang up and then the specialty pharmacy calls me back.
SP: Turns out our referrals are really backed up too. You should probably have your doctor call it in.

So, I call my nurse back.
Voicemail: The office is closed for the day.

So, I call the specialty pharmacy back.
Me: So, I, er, ah… my prescription is on backorder and I found a local pharmacy and it needs to be transferred, but… is it possible to talk to Kelly? (thank goodness I remember her name because of course this person has no idea what I’m talking about).
Me: Kelly, my doctor’s office closed three minutes ago. Should I stay on the list to have you guys transfer it instead?
Kelly: Okay, yes. We’ll call it in.
Me: Okay, thanks. And then what?
K: Well then they should call and say that they received it, but your insurance rejected it. And then you should call us and let us know.
Me: Okayyyyy.

I do realize that all of that was also probably not very interesting after all, but if you’ve dealt with any kind of medical stuff, you can probably relate. It’s funny because it’s not. I share this because it’s just one example of how this stuff can drive you crazy! And of course this all needs to take place during the work day. I need a secretary.

Crisis averted (?)

Seriously? (an amendment to my earlier post)

Okay, now I have reason to vent. Tonight, around 8:00 p.m. when I returned from a walk, I saw that I had a voicemail from the specialty pharmacy from 6:45 p.m.: “Hi this is your specialty pharmacy calling regarding your scheduled order. We do need your authorization and form of payment to charge for the total before we can release your package. Please give us a call back as soon as possible. We will be closing within the next 15 minutes.”

This package is supposed to be on overnight delivery. Delivered tomorrow. Obviously if the package wasn’t released tonight, it’s not going to be delivered tomorrow. On the day that I specifically asked my mom to stay home all day because the package needs to be signed for.

At no point during the 5 times that I spoke with them today (they called once more between the Lupron calls and this last call concerning a different prescription), they couldn’t have mentioned that they would be needing authorization and payment? And that they would be giving me 15 minutes to reply?



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