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July 26, 2010 / Magic Mama

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp

I had an ultrasound and blood work this morning. I will a have a few more of these appointments between now and go-time to make sure everything is progressing well and levels are where they need to be. Part of this will be watching for OHSS since, as I mentioned earlier, I am more at risk due to my high follicle count.

Vitamin WaterMy injections change tomorrow. The Lupron will drop from 20 units to 5 units each morning. And we will add Menopur in the morning and Follistim in the evening. Triple the pokes! These are the drugs that will “initiate ovarian stimulation,” so I have been reading up some on preventing OHSS. Many bloggers and forum-ers said that their doctors recommended water, electrolytes (found in Gatorade or Vitamin Water) and salty foods. So I stocked up this weekend. Gulp, gulp, gulp…


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