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September 18, 2010 / Magic Mama

Next Steps

When we last left our heroine she was hoping for a quickly rising beta…
Aug. 20 = 25 (Cautiously optimistic)
Aug 24 = 39 (Very unlikely)
Aug. 27 = 41 (No go)

And then, when pregnancy eluded her, she continued to visit Nurse Needle each week to monitor a decreasing hCG level…
Sept. 2 = 21 (So far, so good)
Sept. 9 = 22 (Hmmm)
Sept. 16 = 36 (WTF?)

But it seems her body hasn’t quite figured it out yet. To be continued…


This week, we also met with our NEW doctor. And—as we had gathered from our brief meeting when he filled in on our retrieval—he is very easy to talk to. Straightforward, easy-going, thorough, warm. Love him. Hooray! The main goal of the consultation was to ask questions / get answers that would help us determine our next step (frozen embryo transfer or fresh cycle #2).

Rather than rambling on and on with all of the information that was swimming in our heads, I’m going to try to break down some of the key points.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
Pros: Already have two “good” embryos (B2 and B3 — better than we thought and same as the last cycle) | Less injections needed (and less side effects) | No retrieval needed | Approximately 1/5th the cost of a fresh cycle
Cons: Estimated 10% lower success rate than fresh cycle | Possibility that embryo(s) don’t survive the thaw (nothing to transfer, but don’t pay the full fee)

Fresh IVF Cycle
Pros: New batch of embryos (could result in MORE unaffected embryos and/or a BETTER quality) | Estimated 10% higher success rate than FET
Cons: New batch of embryos (could result in LESS unaffected embryos and/or a POORER quality) | Injections and retrieval | Risk of overstimulation | More unlikely that cycle could take place this season | Money, money, money

While I think hubby and I went in to the consultation leaning slightly toward a fresh cycle, we both came out somewhat surprised to be leaning more toward the frozen transfer. And after more discussion over breakfast, it was decided. FET it is!

I called our nurse to give her the verdict, and she said she would get the paperwork started right away. But wait, where was I in my cycle? Ack. Stupid hCG. There are only a few open spots left for transfers this season (before the holidays) and until my body cooperates (with an hCG less than 1), we can’t officially get on the schedule. Which means we might have to wait until January-ish. Not such a big deal, but I’d be much happier with sooner rather than later. Cue more patience.

Whenever it is, it feels good to have a plan. We will (hopefully) be transferring our little embryos on ice. Maybe a hockey player in our future?



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  1. Roccie / Sep 19 2010 2:31 am

    I am a big fan of the FET. It is soooo much easier than the full cycle.

    You know what my RE told me?

    Some women only get pregnant on FET.

    I sound like a broken record as I tell anyone prepping for FET this information, but isnt it great???

    • Magic Mama / Sep 20 2010 9:17 pm

      Oooo… yes. Let’s go with that theory :) Thanks!

  2. Poppyseed and Muffin / Sep 19 2010 2:06 pm

    good luck. i hate figuring out where i am on the cycle. and then the hormones don’t want to help. plus, the holidays. if not pg, then you want to enjoy them and have a great time. BUT good luck.

    • Magic Mama / Sep 20 2010 9:18 pm

      Thanks! Hope all is well with you.

  3. dulaynee / Sep 19 2010 11:15 pm

    Good luck and good news!

    Also, I had make my blog private due some unforseen issues with my husband’s job, but if you’d like to continue reading, just let me know and I will add you. magicmama, right?

    • Magic Mama / Sep 20 2010 9:14 pm

      Thanks :)

      I wondered about you! Magic Mama isn’t technically my WordPress username so I don’t think that will work. Can you email me at and I can give you my username so you can add me?

  4. snuggleupbuttercup / Sep 22 2010 1:53 am

    Hi there, just wanted to say I am following your blog. I don’t want to be one of those that visit but don’t say anything. So just a note to say hi and good luck with your decision making on the next cycle. We too have just had a chemical pregnancy from first round IVF and am about do a FET transfer. Our blog (or really I should say my blog) is PS love your anniversary post, thats hard to say as a complete stranger but it was really lovely as I think we can all relate.

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