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October 3, 2010 / Magic Mama

Results Not Typical

This is for my girl Roccie because she makes me laugh. (Comment: Remember that one time. When you used to have a blog. That was awesome.)

I’m still here. I guess I haven’t posted lately because I was waiting for something new to report. Fail. My hCG on Monday was 62, up from 52 the Thursday before. I just want to be able to move on.

I finally made the WTF call, and left a rambling message for my nurse after business hours on Monday. Something along the lines of: I’m assuming this is not all that uncommon since you guys haven’t really expressed concern. But… can you give me an idea of what an acceptable time frame is so I know what to expect? Or let me know if  eventually we might need to take additional steps? Or… ramble, ramble, ramble…

On Tuesday morning, I received a voicemail back from my doctor: I suppose you’re wondering just what the heck is going on with you. The way I’m looking at this is that you still have some placental tissues in the uterus that are continuing to go about their business not any wiser about the fact that it’s a waste of their time — so to speak. Usually, they eventually give up and the beta hCG goes down and that’s the end of it. Yours has persisted longer than we typically see and that beta hCG hormone messes up the regular cycling mechanism that you have.

Now there’s some weird stuff that can also act this way. One of them would be an ectopic pregnancy. If that were the case, I think we would have seen symptoms prior to now since you’re far enough out — 9.5 weeks. Usually an ectopic situation is going to show it’s true colors before now. But it’s possible.

There isn’t a lot easy that one can do to make this process hurry up and go away faster. If you start with the premise that this is tissue that’s still remaining in the uterus that’s making pregnancy hormones and you want to get it out of there, one could do a D&C and hope that you get the focus of tissue that’s doing this. There’s also a shot that you can do these days called methotrexate that sort of kills placental cells. If you wanted to actively intervene to try to make this happen quicker it would require one of those options.

Otherwise we’re just kind of in a wait and hold mode and assuming this is going to go away soon. Just unfortunately trying to be patient and way it out.

So. Yeah. I don’t know. I have my next blood work appointment tomorrow. If my hCG goes up, yet again, I will have to think more about how long I am willing to wait. I’m pretty experienced with patience these days. But the situation, and everything that goes along with it, is really wearing on me. Seriously, you should make an effort to stay on my good side.

Here’s hoping for decreasing numbers for me. And increasing numbers for all the bloggers waiting on their BFPs!



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  1. Roccie / Oct 7 2010 5:13 pm

    Man, that is a lot of information. That is just a lot to leave sitting in your head, if you ask me. Come here and get it out where other folks can look at it and do little other than say, “Yes. This sucks very much.”

    I wish I had something more to offer you.

    I am glad to hear from you. I am also relieved you got my joke. Oftentimes my humor falls very, very flat.


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