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May 17, 2011 / Magic Mama

Catching Up

  • We moved into our new house this weekend so I have had zero time to blog, and now I am condensing it all into a lazy, bulleted summary of random things.
  • The surprise thank you cupcakes that I delivered to our friendly RE staff and nurses before our recent consultation for Round 3 were extremely well received because, well, who doesn’t like cupcakes? It felt good and I highly recommend it.
  • There was a Lupron shortage when I ordered my prescriptions from my typical specialty pharmacy, but I spoke to one of our nurses over the phone and she was able to track down one kit at an obscure pharmacy. And then she thanked me for the aforementioned cupcakes.
  • We met with our doctor about our last cycle and potential future options and had a good talk. For now, the gist was… The two embryos from Round 2 were graded B3 and B3, so they were not actually better than our Round 1 embryos which were B2 and B3. It seems that the staff that day was just a bit more open, optimistic and hopeful which skewed our expectations. // There’s no clear reason why it hasn’t worked. Probably chromosomal issues. // There were less eggs retrieved last time (14) than the first time (24) because he started me on lower stims since he felt I had been dangerously close to OHSS with my high estrogen levels. If possible, he’ll shoot for somewhere in the middle this time. // Depending on what we end up with from the PGD results, we may consider including the female carrier embryos among the potential embryos for transfer. On our first cycle, they were a couple of the top-graded embryos but we chose to rule them out. // If this cycle doesn’t work, we will have to start weighing the pros and cons of our options moving forward (more IVF w/ PGD, donor egg, adoption, etc.), which would warrant it’s own novel of a blog post so I won’t get into that for now. // Off the top of my head, I think that’s everything. I should have taken notes.
  • On Friday, I’m headed out of town for a girls’ weekend (yay!). Any pros out there have some tips on flying with my Lupron kit? Should I bring a copy of my prescription or a doctor’s note? How do I present the Lupron vial and syringes to TSA? What about my sharps container that already contains used syringes? UPDATE (8/8): If you’re finding this via a Google search, which I see some people have, I took my Lupron on the plane (carry-on) by keeping the vial and syringes in the labeled box and putting it through security in a bin. No doctor’s note. And no questions asked.
  • I have recently decided that sleeping in and giving myself my shot is preferable to dragging myself out of bed before hubby leaves for work. I like his participation, but I like sleep more.
  • I’m getting too comfortable with all of this. Meaning, I keep nearly forgetting to do my shot. And, it took me until this morning to realize that my day 10 ultrasound is scheduled for Monday while I am still out of town. Fortunately, it’s not a big deal to move it until Tuesday. I will just wait until after the appointment results for my morning meds.
  • Next month, I’m tagging along with hubby on a trip to Chicago. While he’s working, I’ll be lunching with Roccie. Can’t wait to meet!
  • I think I’m already tired and moody from the Lupron, but I’m stoked about the sunshine this week and hoping that the hints of summer will keep me smiling. (Silk screen printed poster by slidesideways)


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  1. Shadow of My Former Self / May 17 2011 7:50 pm

    My pharmacy sells a syringe travel carrier and I’ve not had a problem traveling with it and the meds clearly marked with the prescription label and my name. Not sure about the sharps container with spent syringes inside. Btw, I experienced a Lupron shortage too yesterday. What’s up with that?

  2. K / May 17 2011 8:18 pm

    Maybe check the airline websites and the suggestions they have for passengers with diabetes? I am sure that is a more common situation that they would list and possible have information on. Glad to hear (read) all the positive things. Keep smiling! (and remember, you can show your teeth now, it doesn’t matter!)

  3. Mweep / May 24 2011 10:22 pm

    This has nothing to do with this post but I “won” something called an “Adorable Blog Award” and part of the award is nominating someone ELSE for the award! Should you choose to accept this prestigious award, check my latest post for the “rules”. xoxo

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