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June 2, 2011 / Magic Mama


I guess I haven’t had much to say lately. Mostly because I feel like I’ve said it all before. The shots, the appointments, the updates. I’m very grateful for the opportunity, but bored by the process. I’m not really optimistic. I’m not really pessimistic. I’m just going through the motions.

Fast forward through the last couple weeks. Yesterday morning’s ultrasound showed significant follicle growth — especially on the right ovary, as usual. There were so many that, without realizing it, I stopped watching the measurements on the screen for a while. See? Bored. But it’s actually really fascinating.

Here’s a shot of the screen from my camera phone. The black cluster in the middle is four follicles from my left ovary. The tech measures across each follicle by clicking a point on both sides and drawing a line through the center. Then, as she moves the wand slightly, more follicles appear. It’s impossible to imagine how she manages to keep track of them all — just a bunch of blobs floating around like clouds (I saw an owl face yesterday).

With about 15 mature follicles, we were ready to trigger last night — right in the middle of the fancy dinner with my girlfriends that we had planned over a month ago. In the past, I would have skipped dinner for the big moment, but by now it didn’t really seem like enough to cancel my plans. Hubby graciously offered to drive to the restaurant so that we could do the shot in the car. I considered, but envisioned an awkward encounter in an unknown parking situation.

Instead, I opted to text a couple of my girlfriends who I voted Most Likely to Jab a Giant Needle in My Butt. “Any chance you would feel comfortable giving me my shot in the bathroom during dinner? If not I TOTALLY understand.” I started with Erin. She’s in the medical field (although I realize occupational therapy probably doesn’t involve injections). And she’s spunky and straightforward. These seemed like good qualifications. While I know she would have been there in a jam, it turns out she has a thing about needles. She recommended Rian because she’s brave and strong. And after some back and forth with a few more details, Rian was in. “Let’s do this!”

When it came time, I mentioned to Renee that Rian was going to give me my shot. But that she was maybe less than thrilled about it. Renee volunteered instead. We took over the restaurant bathroom for some cleaning and mixing and she performed like a left-handed pro. We made it back to our table in time for the first course.

Thanks to all the ladies for your willingness (including Krista who offered to help in the future) and for the delicious dinner with even better company. I’m glad I didn’t miss out! Now, it’s time to celebrate my birthday (which is today) and then rest up for my retrieval bright and early tomorrow morning.



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  1. Mweep / Jun 2 2011 4:43 pm

    Happy birthday lovey :) Just for future reference…………while my HEART would like to be able to give you a shot in whatever bathroom we happen to be in (????? that sounds a lot weirder than it’s meant to), my aggressively shaky hands will not allow me to have anything to do with needles. Or fine needlepoint. Or any type of surgery. Or anything really involving sharps.


    As always my thoughts are with you, Matt, and your maybe baby. XOXO

  2. K / Jun 2 2011 6:09 pm

    I should clarify that my offering to help in the future did come after a glass and a half of wine. But, reflecting upon it today, I would definitely help out in the future (and I have had no wine).

    Happy Birthday Lady!! You need to start looking at the glass as half full!

  3. Sara / Jun 2 2011 9:02 pm

    Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! All GOOD things in the coming year…CHEERS!!!

    Also, as a seasoned “Give a Friend Going Through IVF a Shot in the Butt” pro, I would be MORE than willing to help! I can forward on my reference if you need it. :) I love an adventure…


  4. Mamapants / Jun 2 2011 9:27 pm

    Boo, your resilience is remarkable. You’re as optimistic as you can be at this time and you’re steadfast in your desire. You’re also human and sadness and disappointment creep in around the edges. All of us who love you expect you to feel those things and are here for you when you do. While we admire your strength, we also honor your grief. It will be so amazing when we can rejoice and celebrate with you! Love, Mom

  5. Mamapants / Jun 2 2011 11:23 pm

    Hey! Do you think when they do the retrieval tomorrow my right ovary will stop hurting? Just asking……

    What a nice birthday evening with you and Matt’s fine family. You stayed up past your recent 8:30 bedtime! One last Happy Birthday for the year, my sweet.

  6. Roccie / Jun 3 2011 4:05 pm

    Dispenser of the trigger shot is right up there w godmother.

    Probably even better.

    Best wishes for retrieval.

  7. renee / Jun 3 2011 10:32 pm

    I was honored to have a small part in the process :) I think the lefty shot’s gonna seal the deal :) xoxo

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