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August 5, 2011 / Magic Mama

Thank You

To our parents for their endless support, especially throughout the last two years. Emotionally and financially. We can’t adequately express how much we appreciate all they have done for us.

To hubby for going through all of this at my side. For letting my mood swings roll off his back. For allowing the tough times to bring us together instead of push us apart. For his patience and kindness and understanding.

To Anna who won’t see this because she doesn’t read my blog since that’s not her thing. But she always remembers. Every appointment and every detail. And she always listens and asks questions. Even though babies aren’t really her thing either.

To Renee for always being there. For wishing the best for me. And, of course, for the restaurant bathroom trigger shot.

To Molly for ice cream after retrievals. For our long coffee shop talks. And for thinking of us constantly.

To Krista for movies during bed rest. For her encouragement. And for caring so much.

To Sara for her abundance of exclamation marks!!!!! For the fertility goddess passed down by friends. For all of her offers to spoil us with home-cooked meals. And for her willingness to jab a needle in my butt on occasion.

To Missy for always checking in. For sending kind words via all forms of communication. And for being my mweep.

To my cousin Tami for showing such interest in our journey. And for her hopes of being a semi-aunt.

To my college girls Erin, Amy and Meghan for being so eager for good news. I can’t wait for my boy to play with their boys.

To my boss (and friend) Todd for allowing me so many days out of the office without the blink of an eye.

To everyone who has sent thoughtful comments or emails or text messages or cards. And to anyone who has listened or asked at one point or another. I started to make a list, but when I realized how many people there are I was more worried about leaving someone out. So, you know who you are. Book club friends and old work friends and high school friends and family friends. And of course family. Many people choose to go this alone, which I absolutely respect, but I’m not a terribly private person (as is obvious from this list). For me, it’s been so much easier to share and so worthwhile to have your support.

And finally, to the TTC blogging community (Roccie Road, Planting a Pumpkin Patch, Mommy Wannabe, A Bug Odyssey, New Year Mum, Poppyseed and Muffin, A PGD Blog, Womb for Improvement, Chasing Our Stork, The Stork Drop Zone, The Tao of Pig Pen, Shadow of My Former Self, Waiting for U, Baby, Hope Springs Eternal, My Journey to Pregnancy, Destiny Fertility, The Great Elephant Symposium, Having Kids Sounds Simple Enough, Inconceivable!, Mommy In Waiting, The Pursuit of Pregnancy, A Miracle 4 Us, Chasing a Child, Storm in My Teacup, An Unwanted Path, Accepting the Unexpected, Taking the Statistical Bullet, The Road Less Traveled, Ambition: Motherhood, Maybe Baby, The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow, Little Steps to Babysteps, Someday by Foxy, Sometimes it Takes Three, Life in the Detours, Angels on My Mind, Banking On It, No I’m Not Pregnant, Just Fat and too many others) for sharing your strength and knowledge. All my best to you.



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  1. renee / Aug 7 2011 10:09 am


  2. Sara / Aug 8 2011 10:04 pm

    WE are thankful for YOU. :)

  3. Mweep / Aug 9 2011 6:41 am

    Love you back. xoxo


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