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March 13, 2012 / Magic Mama


It seems I’ve been avoiding you. Inadvertently. I can’t exactly tell you where the last 10 weeks have gone. There have been several posts that never made it outside my head. And as they backlogged my brain, they managed to overwhelm me and the grade school procrastinator resurfaced. So here’s a quick overview of some of what I might have covered…

  • Five amazing showers filled with unbelievable generosity from our friends and family (thank you notes have been delayed due to my carpal tunnel and our latest arrival — but I haven’t forgotten about you!)
  • Speaking of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel — what an unexpected pain in the… hands. It got bad, people. I won’t bore you with the details. But in case it helps someone, I do need to praise the difference between neutral-positioned night wrist splints and the angled kind that is typically sold at your drug store. Big thanks to my hand therapist.
  • The birth story — preeclampsia, induction, contractions, surprise breech, c-section, uterine atony complications — but all’s well that ends well!

But now, all I really need to share with you is our beautiful boy…


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